3 Stupid Reasons For Not Going Live

So you have chosen your website framework, got your logo up and ready, maybe have a few images

Stupid Reason #1: “My content isn’t finalized yet because it needs to be perfect.”

So you have chosen your website framework, got your logo up and ready, maybe have a few images in mind for your banners but your content as a whole is not ready yet, all because you want it to be perfect. As such, you hold back sending it to your project managers. They can wait right?

Although our project managers can wait, the leads you could be gaining won’t. Without the content ready to be placed on your site, the next steps in production cannot be initiated. It’s like a waterfall process. One step cannot be started without finishing the next. It’s key not too be too bogged up in perfecting your content when this can be done after a site launch.

Now, this isn’t to say you should put less effort in coming out with content. It’s about establishing a clear and realistic goal you want your website to reach upon its launch. It’s like setting a minimum requirement to go live.

Stupid Reason #2: “I know I’m ready to go live anytime now but I want to launch my site on a specific date.”

apple-desk-working-technologyThe launch of your website is a milestone. There’s nothing wrong with setting a specific date to have your site live…as long as it’s within a reasonable time frame.

Whether you’re expecting to push out a new marketing campaign or attend a conference in the future, purposely waiting to launch your site can be a bit of a gamble.

A lot of times advisors focus too heavily on launching with a bang rather than launching with an optimization plan in mind. They forget that indexing their websites through Google actually takes time – it doesn’t just happen over one night.

It’s one thing to set a desired date to launch for the sake of avoiding procrastination, but it’s another when doing so actually backfires.

In essence, the sooner a website is launched, the sooner you can create optimized content, build relevant links and a brand that customers want to engage with. Creating an optimized website starts when it’s live.

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